Barney - European Eagle Owl - Bubo bubo

Hello My name is Barney,

I am a European Eagle Owl , I'm a boy and I am about 10 or 11 years old and I have been with North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary for 9 years

I am very well behaved, I have only attacked Jane once because she moved my stone (it is my baby and not for anyone to touch, not even Jane).

6 years ago, I flew away. Jane and Gary came to look for me every day but when I saw them I was scared and stayed hidden, when I wasn't hidden Crows attacked me. I couldn't look after myself and I found a avery and sat on it, the people let me in and fed me, and then they got Jane and Gary to come to take me home.

I go out and work with North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary working, apparently sitting on a block outside all day is a way of fund raising for the Sanctuary, I find it a useful time to catch up on my sleep.

My current neighbour, is a Girl European Eagle Owl called Bebe, she is great she is not very attractive, as she only has one working eye (the other one is there but it looks a bit odd) and she is not very bright or aggressive either, which is nice. I can talk to her all day and all night. We have long conversations along the lines of Whooo, Whoooooo, Whooo, oooooh, ooooh. She is much nicer that the last girl they had in there, she had been hand reared by humans but had gone out into the world on her own and didn't need help like I did, when I spoke to her she told me she didn't like me so I decided not to speak to her, you know what happens to male eagle owls who talk to nasty females.

I eat well at the Sanctuary, they feed me plenty of Chick, mice, rats, quail and rabbit which are all very yummy. They have bought me a new bath, it is just like a swimming pool which is great as I love to have a bath, they have just refurbished my avery with new gravel and perching as well. My favorite toy is my kong, apparently it is a toy for big dogs, but it is great as I have broken everything else they have ever given me to play with.

I have worked hard to write this letter for you and need to go for a rest. If you would like to sponsor me please tell North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary, by completing the form below and emailing it to

Lots of Love


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