Big Igg - Green Iguana - Iguana iguana

Hello My name is Big Igg,

I have been at the Sanctuary for 4 years.

I have had lots of people come to try to rehome me but when they learn about all the special equipment needed to keep me in my current health and that I am not cuddly they don't come back again.

When I came to the sanctuary I was in very poor health, they think I was about 2-3 years old. I was not as ill as many of the iguana's that have come to the sanctuary, for many were so ill the kindest thing to do was to put them to sleep and out of their misery. I was young enough for the damage that had been done to me, by not giving me a good home, to be put right. I had very bad Metabolic Bones Disease (thin bones! a man made illness!), and in my first week I stepped off my hide and broke my front paw.

It took 2 years of wonderful food, supplements, sunlamps, heat and humidity but I am now well. They tell me I am as healthy as an Iguana should be. Healthy Iguana's don't make good pets, we don't want to be touched and if you do try I have a wonderfully strong jaw and sharp teeth, I have 20 strong and sharp talons and my tail is a bit shorter than it should be but I use it as well as Indiana Jones uses his whip.

My Keepers don't think they will ever find a home for me, because I am not how people think I should be. I now have 'Attitude!

I am content here and wouldn't mind staying.

I am very proud and don't tell everybody about my problems but if you would like to sponsor me please tell North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary, by filling out the form below and Email it to and she will tell you how I'm doing.

Very kind of you to read my story

Big Igg


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