Harry - Royal Python - Python Regius

Hello My name is Harry and I am a Royal Python,

I have been at North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary for 8 years

There have been many Royal Pythons come in and out of the Sanctuary since I have been here. I was so ill and the Staff and the vet worked so hard to get me better they don't ever want me to be upset again. Don't have ordinary belly scales on the lower part of my body they my body scales that have grown round to compensate for when I lost all my scales to a burn on 2/3rds of my belly

After many, many months of treating and cleaning the wounds they healed over but the original scales we lost forever. I had been in so much pain and had been handled so much that I didn't feel like eating and then I got to weak to eat. The sanctuary staff did not give up and tube fed me for a while until I felt like eating. My viv is nice, hot and humid and I am very happy to eat every time I get offered food now.

Sometime after I got better they had another snake in with a bad belly burn, they worked very hard on him as they did with me and his burns we almost healed, but he wasn't as strong as me and he died of his injuries .Everyone was very upset as they had such High hopes after the success they had with me.

I do go out to do work for the Sanctuary, they take me to talks and show off my special belly, I just get to sit in a show viv or on one of the sanctuary staff's arm. They don't let people touch me, I am special.

I didn't write this letter, I can't use a keyboard but I told them what to write. If you would like to sponsor me please tell North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary, by filling out the form below and Email it back to Jane@nwrr.co.uk and she will tell you how I'm doing.

Lots of Love


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