How It works....

The costs of doing this are quite high and the only way we can afford to carry on is with the help and support of many people.

We use several avenues for funding which include talks and shows, animal food sales, sponsorship, web development and a lot of our own money. We have a very good and understanding vet who helps with the costs envolved in treatment and also give us very good rates for the drugs and medicines etc needed. Without their help we couldnt acheive as much as we do.

We made the decision early on not to open a centre to the public for several reasons the first is that this is about animals not humans and the second is that to my mind it is better to spend the money on careing for the animals rather than spending loads of cash on a shop, toilets, pathways, etc etc, that people have to have before they visit a centre. We do this for the animals benefit NOT for the humans!

Talks and Shows
We offer several different talks and shows covering areas including animal keeping, meet the animals and conservation for a wide variety of events from fetes and shows to after dinner talks. We have to charge for these because of the large outlay involved in both money and time. We have full insurance.


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