How it all started...

"Hello, I believe you might be interested in an Iguana?"
"Not especially but I know a man who is, want me to get in touch with him?"
"Yes please"

This is basically how we came to be doing the work we do - we have to blame our Vet, an Owl sanctuary and some friends for starting us off in this way. We have always had a love of animals and in particular Owls and Snakes and coupled to that a love of communicating (OK, Chatting) and making new friends and contacts that we soon found that we had a skill in helping people make informed decisions about what sort of animal suits a person.

After finding homes for a a few animals it was recommended that we get in touch with the RSPCA and see if it would be worth getting approval which we did and got.

Very soon after this we get another call from the vet asking if we can take a small lizard that has come through Speke airport in someones luggage. "No probs" says us. "Good" says the Vet - "oh by the way, the BBC want to film it, byeee". (click, dial tone......) bugger!

We had a full day filming with the crew from "Rolfs Animal Hospital" and what a great day it was. towards the end of the day the producer asked us what we call ourselves and up to this point we thought we were just Gary and Jane but she emphasised that we are an animal sanctuary - we only had about 15 animals in at the time - so it was from the Beeb that we decided that, well after all we are a sanctuary. What a surprise!
From our short spell on the TV (a full 5 minutes) we became inundated with phone calls from owners who for a multitiude of reasons wanted to get rid of an animal - as you can well imagine!

After a while things started to get a bit cramped where we were. This was probably due to living in a 3 bedroom semi in the suburbs of Chester (with very tolerent neighbours). So we thought long and hard and decided to sell everything we had and buy somewhere with a bit of land in North Wales.

Phase 2
We found an ideal location about 4 miles out of Ruthin and plunged in head first! It is on a tiny road up a mountain and it is a semi derelict cottage with half an acre of land. Now imagine yourself in this position, Its January, You are moving into somewhere in th middle of nowhere, there is no heating, the windows are held in by bath sealent, the roof is tin sheets and you have nearly 70 animals, half of which need heating and lighting, to move from one house to another in a day! Oh, and ourselves and family as well. If anyone says moving house is stressful they should try this lark!
After the initial move we had the summer to build avieries, reptile room, tortoise enclosure and terrapin pond. Oh, and the windows.

Remember that all these critters need attention every day while all this is going on. We hate it when someone says "did you see such and such on tv the other night?" because we dont get to sit down and relax until at least 10pm every day.

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