Village Vets A vet with a special interest in exotic cases. NWRRs main Vet.
Avian Veterinary Services Avian Veterinary Services, a state of the art medical and surgical facility exclusively for birds.
Anapsid Probably the best website to find information on all common reptiles.
Tortoise Trust UK based information an most chelonia.
World Of Owls Owl and Raptor Sanctuary based in Northern Ireland and a close associate of NWRR.
Livefoods Direct Reliable and reasonbly priced supplier of live foods.
Independent Bird Register Independent Bird Register reunites lost, found and stolen hawks, falcons and owls.
Animal lifeline UK Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more.
UK Engineering
UK Engineering’s dedication make it the complete one stop engineering company.
Indigocrow Taxidermy All work can be purchased via the website and in our Etsy shop

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