Monty - Montpellier Snake - Malpolon monspessulanus

Hello There

My name is Monty and I am the most expensive snake that the sanctuary keep, well they keep saying it to other people.

I am a European native snake but I am venomous (not poisonous – if you eat me, correctly cooked, you won't die but if I bite you you might), but I am a rear fanged venomous, which means I have to have a good chew to envenomate you. So I am not very interesting to people who like vipers and cobras.

I have to have an Dangerous Wild Animal License to live at the sanctuary (apparently that costs money) and before they are granted the license they have to have special insurance just for me, and the vet has to check that I am being housed safely and he comes to see me every year.

I live in a locked tank, inside a locked tank and they have a card all about me attached to the tank with a clip that you can fix on your clothes (that is to put on a person if I bite them). I did hear that they have something called adrenalin for if I bite somebody as well, but how that helps me I don't know!!
They also have lots and lots of Protocols to do with me (I don't know what that means) but whenever they open my tank there are 2 people there, and they don't ever touch me, but that suits me just fine.

I have been asked to write this because they think people would like to sponsor me, as nobody wants to re home me I am not certain why you might like to sponsor me but as they look after me well this is the least I can do. If you would like to sponsor me then I would be very grateful and pleased.

I know I look a bit scary on my picture, but as I can't get close to bite you I am not that awful.

Thank you for reading my letter. If you would like to sponsor me please tell North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary, by filling in the form below and emailing it to and she will tell you how I'm doing.

Very kind of you to read my story


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