Teg - Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo

Hello My name is Teg,

I am a (Not so) Common Buzzard, bred in captivity. I have been at North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary for 8 years. I was about 18 months when I came to the centre in a very bad way. The first picture I have put on my letter is of me a few months after the Sanctuary had taken me in, you can see the scaring on my sear (the yellow bit of my beak) but you can't see all the other scars they had to fix which took about 6 months.

I had a closed ring on so they were able to trace my origins and send word that I had been found but nobody wanted to say they owned me.

The sanctuary say that I am still not fit to rehome, I still don't like people (Gary is not too bad) but I don't fling myself around the aviary as soon as a human approaches anymore . The people who owned me first made me very scared of everything as well as not fixing the damage that occurred to my beak, wings and legs.

I am so settled at the Sanctuary that for the last 5 years I have laid eggs, in a nest I build new every year out of twigs. I sometimes see very attractive male buzzards flying past and one even landed on my aviary to say Hello.

The Staff here say I will never be able to fly free because I don't like people, they are very pleased if they can take me out of my aviary to clean it and to weigh and inspect me for health each week without me getting too upset.

Can you see how much better I look in my second picture: I am very content here I eat very well, I like rat, chick, mouse, quail, rabbit and sometimes for a special treat 'squirrel'. I am healthy in my body now but I am still scared of humans.

I am probably going to live for another 30 years and I hope that will be here at the sanctuary where I am generally left alone to enjoy the view. If you would like to sponsor me please tell North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary, by filling in the form below and Email it to Jane@nwrr.co.uk and she will tell you how I'm doing.

I won't ever enjoy seeing you but thank you for making sure I get fed


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