Where Next?

More like, whatever next?
We try not to turn an animal down for re-homing if we can help it but having said that we have to be realistic about how much we can cope with. We have had a wide variety of animals in so we have to adapt and make acommodation on an as and when basis. This makes it very difficult to plan for the future but we have several ideas in the pipeline. first off is to get more avieries up. sounds very simple and it would be if we got somewhere flat but as we are oon the side of a mountain a JCB is the order of the day. We need to dig some teirs in the ground so that when we can afford the materials we can build aviery block 2 and an animal reception centre (Sounds posh eh?)

Aviery Block 2 is going to be four 16 feet by 10 feet seperate avieries with a kit room built on, joined up to Block 1 and having an enclosed walkway along all the doors.

Animal reception centre - We have been offered a couple of large portakabins by a local company to make into an animal reception unit. This is going to be a facility for Hospital work, first aid, quarentine and display of animals that are ready for re-homing. The one main problem is getting them to us because we cant get them up the lane to the cottage. We will need to level an area to put them on and maybe get the airforce or army to help helicopter them in? watch this space!

Plan 3 is buying a bit more land and making a wildlife meadow but more of that soon.

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